Trista’s Lies – Are They Significant?

by Grace4Ayla on April 14, 2013

As I read Trista Reynolds’ unofficial blog, United For Ayla, I am often shocked at how so many people are willing to dismiss Trista’s lies about the disappearance of her daughter, Ayla Bell Reynolds. In their minds, her lies are classified as “insignificant” to the “real issues,” – the biggest issue being that Justin DiPietro lost Ayla on “his watch.”

Yet the very same “reasons” these followers give as “evidence” that Justin and his family are the only “conspirators,” are also the exact same issues Trista has been caught lying about, making them not only extremely significant, in my opinion, but actually outright sensitive to Trista herself.

The Lying Game

Trista’s first lie was about how Justin DiPietro obtained physical custody of Ayla Reynolds. Justin has said very little, but what he has said has been backed up by the scant evidence. Why would Trista feel the need to lie about how Ayla ended up at the DiPietro home, and not Justin, if Justin had ulterior motives (life insurance)?

I don’t buy the U4A cult’s claim that Trista was overcome with “shame and guilt” over her drug abuse. If that were the case, we would expect to see Trista lie about her substance use, but instead, she changes her story not once but twice about Justin’s actions in taking Ayla. We might also expect her to minimize her responsibility, which she did when she claimed she thought Ayla was safe, only to contradict herself later, saying she was worried about Ayla and had filed for custody behind Justin’s back. Yet another attempt to make herself look good while vilifying Justin. However, this actually makes Trista look guilty, and not about her drug use.

Trista’s second lie was about whether or not she visited Ayla during the time she was in Justin’s custody. First, Trista stated that she did visit Ayla and noticed bruising, but when Trista realized this made her look bad in the media, she changed her story to not having seen Ayla at all after she entered rehab. This caused Trista to again be cast in a negative light, so she finally polished her story to say that she saw Ayla only at the doctor’s visits, and Justin wouldn’t let her take Ayla afterwards. Even after so many revisions of this story Trista still couldn’t keep the details straight. It started out as three (the liars number) doctors appointments until it was pointed out to her that the last one was cancelled, then it turned into two doctors appointments and one home visit.

The significance of her lies about her visits is centered around her lack of concern for Ayla’s well-being before the child went missing. Even when Ayla was badly injured, Trista did not see her. She knew Justin was capable of and (by her own admission) probably abusing Ayla, yet she did nothing. Trista knows that she can successfully lie about this issue because putting herself in a good light also puts Justin in a good light, and he won’t jeopardize that to call her a liar. (Except, of course, on his pink blog.)

The third lie was about how Justin obtained Ayla’s social security number. This directly ties into the purchase of the life insurance policy. Even though the Reynolds followers now concede that it was probably a “red herring,” the fact that Justin would take one out on his daughter at all is a point of contention for them. He was betting against her life. Why would Trista lie about this very important point? The only person who could refute her is Justin DiPietro (and perhaps Derek Tudela), and he isn’t talking. Trista feels safe again.

Her fourth lie was about her relationship with Justin before Ayla’s disappearance. This lie is the one I find most difficult to understand. Trista’s supporters say that since any supposed “relationship” ended before Trista went to rehab, and Ayla was placed with Justin, it makes it irrelevant. I say, hold the phone! Having “no relationship” outside of parenting Ayla was eye-opening enough, but for Trista to also have been lying to Ray about him being Ayla’s father while at the same time having a “secret” affair with the biological father (which lasted longer than Justin’s relationship with his daughter) is downright scandalous!

And yet, no-one bats an eye. Perhaps this is considered perfectly normal behavior for unmarried young parents in Maine? I can only guess.

My point is that none of Trista’s lies can be passed off as “sensitivity indicators” due to “survivors or victim’s guilt.” Trista was not duped, manipulated or bullied by anyone or any agency into giving her daughter to Justin DiPietro. Trista provided Justin with Ayla’s social security number, and helped him retain custody of Ayla at the “team meeting.” Trista did all of this willingly and with one thought in mind: To collect the life insurance proceeds and be rid of Ayla and Justin DiPietro forever. But that was not to be.

Now, the remains of her daughter’s body lie alone on a hillside somewhere, and thoughts of the gruesome things Justin & Co. did to Ayla in those fateful last days must haunt Trista’s every waking moment.

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