What the Tudelas (and other friends) really think of Justin DiPietro

by Grace4Ayla on October 1, 2013

One of the more puzzling aspects in the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds has been the extensive involvement of the Tudela family, including Darrell Tudela, Heidi Tudela and their son, Derek. Not only did Derek sell Justin DiPietro the oh so suspicious life insurance policy against Ayla (see also: Investigating the LIP), but his family also took in the entire DiPietro family during Christmas that year, guests and all!

Let’s go back to the early days of the case and take a closer look at the family’s words regarding Justin DiPietro. We may be surprised at what we find out!

Back to the Beginning: Statement Analysis on Darrell Tudela

The public first heard about the Tudelas through the Angela Harry debacle. Angela Harry, some may recall, is a budding writer, cousin and close friend of Heidi Tudela, who published a story on her blog detailing what happened at the DiPietro house on the evening of December 16, 2011 and the following morning.

Although Derek reached out via Facebook and other social media, the Tudela family first officially spoke-out on March 13, 2012. I will only use the direct quotes.

Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said. “If whoever out there has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.” – Darrell Tudela

In a typical liar’s move, Darrell uses a technique designed to sum everything up for the listener, so they won’t think for themselves – “Suffice it to say.” What is suffice to say, is that Justin is “still very confident.” Using “still” and “very” weakens Darrell’s opinion of Justin’s confidence. Instead of speaking directly to a kidnapper, note how Darrell uses vague terminology:

  • “If whoever”
  • “could help”
  • “that” (distancing)
  • “would make”
  • “thousands of people’s” (really Darrell?)
  • “better”

Deception indicated.

More Statement Analysis: Derek Tudela

In the same article, we find this:

Derek Tudela said he sold DiPietro the policy.

He didn’t ask for it, I approached him about it,” he said.

DiPietro agreed. He said he switched car insurance carriers shortly after moving back to Waterville. Tudela encouraged him to add the policy at that time. The premiums for both the car and life insurance policies are paid in one monthly bill.

Tudela said the additional insurance was inexpensive, and policies like Ayla’s are intended to be a gift for a child later in life, like a savings account.

“It’s very inexpensive. I told Justin it’s the same policy I have on my son, and it’s one of the best gifts you can give (Ayla),” he said. “I would do the same thing for any one of my friends, and I have.”

I find Derek’s choice of words to be interesting. First, statement analysis tells us anything spoken in the negative is doubly important to the subject. He first uses the word “approached,” yet goes on to reveal that Justin DiPietro had come to him to change his car insurance when Derek then “encouraged” him. Why the change in reality? Deception indicated.

I also note that Derek states Justin approached him after he moved back to Waterville, ME. According to Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds, Justin DiPietro purchased the life insurance policy on the day of the DHHS “team meeting” where it was decided that Ayla would be returned to her mother in three days time. It wasn’t until after she was out of rehab that Trista claims she was “stonewalled” by DHHS and she agreed to let Justin keep Ayla “until she could get on her feet,” with the provision that Justin move with Ayla to Waterville. Someone is clearly lying about the date of the life insurance policy.

Derek Tudela Feb 2, 2012

Trista and Jeff’s smear campaign was rather effective at turning this halfway decent guy into a jerk in the eyes of the public.

I think this has to be my favorite Tudela quote. Clearly, Derek doesn’t even consider Justin a half-decent guy, but only halfway to decent. Yet, that didn’t seem to stop him from defending Justin even from the very beginning of this case, as was pointed out in this surprisingly well-written article about Derek on the U4A blog.

Derek Tudela has been involved since the beginning of this case.

He spoke to the public before Justin or Ayla’s Paternal family even did, giving out sensitive info on Facebook and other online forums, while Justin had not even completed one interview to plead for his daughter’s safe return yet, and while he was still claiming LE told Justin, NOT to release ANY details, which was later shot down by LE…Did Derek miss the memo on not releasing info before the OK from LE? Probably not, as it is highly probable that LE never told Justin to omit anything, and he lied to avoid questions…

Derek’s first post was on the 18th of December, so Derek spoke the day after the 911 calls, and BEFORE the DiPietros spoke to the media or anyone else except for the police…He spoke in favor of them, without questioning… this is odd as they just reported a child missing under suspicious and vague circumstances, during a custody dispute between unmarried parents, and for whom he had recently created a child’s life insurance plan against her life…

He then did something else unexpected for a life insurance agent holding the policy on a missing child…He called his mother, to have the very parent who reported said child missing (Justin) and his family, and Courtney Roberts and son invited over to be housed during the investigation, by the owners and agents of the very same insurance agency who held said CLIP…

This is a monumental conflict of interest, and may even be a criminal act if Derek was a party to Ayla’s death in any way, or knew the CLIP might put her life at risk, which I believe he did know prior to creating it…

This may be partly why he was so defensive, and started defending Justin and the others before they even spoke for AYLA, and why he began insinuating that Trista took Ayla, and making frequent disparaging comments about Trista Reynolds (A woman he never met), rather than having compassion for a mother missing her child…

If the Police, and the FBI say there was no abduction, then why did Derek Tudela continue to post remarks blaming Trista after it was determined there was no kidnapping…? Why on earth did his mother Heidi’s and cousin Angela Harry’s “organization” TTLOM keep posting flyers that state as fact that Ayla was abducted?

If that is not a propaganda campaign to “sway opinions”, then I do not know what one is, as it seems a textbook definition of the act…

The TTLOM fliers, and Derek’s posts, directly refutes and contradicts what LE concluded by EVIDENCE, and released via the media on this case… So, why still create and distribute fliers that go against the police, if they are saying they have the hard evidence to back their assertions?

Why keep handing them out, if you know abduction had been ruled out due to zero evidence, and a criminal investigation already termed “foul play”, with a significant amount of the child’s blood found, was still active and investigating the DiPietros and Roberts? Do they not believe that LE has evidence that Ayla is likely dead, just because they are not shown it? Are they calling the FBI and police liars? Or are they saying the FBI and LE are incompetent, as Elisha DiPeitro suggested?

I also find it very interesting that Derek began his pro-DiPietro/anti-Reynolds campaign so early in the investigation, especially in light of Justin’s absolute refusal to name any names or “insinuate” anything about a possible kidnapper.

Friends in Low Places

The Tudelas aren’t the only ones supporting Justin DiPietro and his family, of course. Here is a typical quote from DiPietro defender Katie Hitchens.

*:*Katie*:*August 6, 2013 at 3:39 PM

Anon 302

If YOU were following their facebook pages you would see they weren’t exactly terrible for continuing on with their lives.

But if you didn’t witness it yourself, then you have no reason to believe me of course. I can only speak from what I’ve WITNESSED. Not from what I “Speculate” or ASSUME.

We can see by her words that Katie thinks the DiPietros are terrible, just not “exactly” terrible. Does Katie know Justin DiPietro personally? How does she know what the family is doing or how terrible they are? She claims that she is a witness, so she must know Justin, right?

I can promise you that everything I write about IN MY OWN POSTS (meaning not me as an admin posting for other people) comes directly from Courtney, Elisha, and from them from Justin. Justin is also very close with my best friend. Justin and I do not have to be the tightest of friendsfor me to know what he is saying, feeling and doing. He isn’t the hermit everyone believes he is, and I’m sorry that most of the people on U4A are from far away and don’t witness these things. I’m also sorry for those from around here that chose to turn their heads to the actions and efforts from Justin.

Aha! Apparently Katie isn’t even tight friends with Justin, but she must be psychic to be able to know everything he says, feels and does. Impressive, wouldn’t you say?

But what does Katie think about Justin DiPietro’s innocence?

But just because I have known Justin most of my life does not mean I do not support both sides of this mess. It’s exactly that, a giant mess. I have spoken to Trista, many times in fact, and I will never speak against her, unless it is deemed necessary by the findings of MSP/LE. I have chosen to not cross that line, and I have stood by my choice thoroughly. Do I question certain things she has said or done? Of course. It’s human nature. But I have never slung her name through the mud or made up accusations or ridiculous “theories” about her possible involvement.

NO ONE has been cleared. With that said, I know the MSP have said “WE BELIEVE the three in the house have not said all they know.” and they have also said “Ayla was not kidnapped from INSIDE that home.” that says SO MUCH MORE than in the beginning when they said “A kidnapping story does not hold water”. Adding the “FROM INSIDE THE HOME” line makes me, and I believe many others, start to wonder about the findings that LE is holding so close to their chest.

It appears that Katie is of the mindset that Ayla was kidnapped from somewhere other than the DiPietro home. This must also mean that she does not believe, just like law enforcement, that the three in the house have said all they know. Why is Katie supporting them, then? If she doesn’t believe their story to law enforcement, doesn’t she think they likely could (and would) lie to her, as well?

All About Abduction Theories

Question: Why are Katie Hitchens and Derek Tudela so sure Ayla Reynolds was kidnapped, and possibly by Trista Reyolds? I think the answer is evident in light of Phoebe’s questions of Trista at the courthouse “..tell us what you’ve done with her!”

I believe that the DiPietros did, in fact, name Trista Reynolds, or a member of her family, as a possible kidnapper, not only on the third 911 call, but in subsequent meetings as well. This was held very close to the vest by investigators. I believe that Trista Reynolds did, in fact, threaten (and even planned) to abduct Ayla, thereby making the life insurance policy everyone is lying about moot. When Trista showed up early December 17th to do just that, she got a big surprise. Ayla, she was told, was missing.

Where is Ayla Reynolds?

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