What about the blood?

by Grace4Ayla on January 31, 2013

On January 28, 2012 it was being reported that investigators looking into the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds had found blood in the basement of 29 Violette Avenue, a room which was used both as a laundry room and bedroom to Justin DiPietro. Justin admitted there was blood found, but has declined to give any explanation for how it got there, and whether or not it has anything to do with his daughter’s disappearance.

Let’s take a look at all the facts and rumors surrounding the blood evidence, and what they could mean.

Troubling Reports

The first we heard about blood at the DiPietro residence is when Trista Reynolds released the information via the AylaReynolds.com site. At that time, we were told that police had found blood in the home, and, more importantly, that some of it belonged to Ayla. During the ensuing media frenzy, more details began to emerge. Some of the blood was visible to the naked eye, it was reported, and some of it wasn’t. A total amount was never specified, but MSP spokesman Steve McCausland classified the finding as “troubling.”

Soon, the rumor mill began and all sorts of stories came to light, including:

  • Bob Vear claimed that Lance DiPietro asked him how to clean up blood on Christmas Day, while the house was still being processed.
  • Heidi saw four drops circled on the floor next to the stairs.
  • Justin ran out/left abruptly after being shown photographs of blood evidence by police.
  • Phoebe cut herself shaving in the basement.
  • Justin and Lance often fought and/or fell down the stairs in the basement resulting in injury.
  • Ayla cut herself on her foot either on the hearth, or on a box of Justin’s possessions.
  • Trista reports more than a cupful was cleaned up.
  • Trista and Justin had sex during her menstrual cycle and Justin kept the sheets in the basement.

What can we make of all this?

My Theory

I believe that Ayla Bell Reynolds was injured in that basement after being severely physically abused by her own family. This earlier bloody event may or may not have been cleaned up well before Ayla went missing. My guess is that Ayla hit her head on the “hearth” (the concrete slab the furnace rests on), or perhaps on a sharp edge of Phoebe’s fireplace. Justin DiPietro, however, is not worried about this blood evidence, nor the amount of blood loss, which was probably enough to need to be cleaned up, but not enough to indicate Ayla’s death. This may also be the reason why Trista Reynolds was not allowed by Justin to see her daughter from December 8th to the 14th/15th of that month, to let Ayla’s head injury heal.

But what of the other blood found? Even if it were true that Trista Reynolds’ menstrual blood was found on sheets in Justin’s bedroom, I and many others find it difficult to believe that LE would bring the matter to her attention. Police took a risk in revealing the blood evidence to her, which promptly blew up in their faces, but it seems that they were more interested in Trista’s explanation for why her blood was there at all.

In my reasoning, Trista was not aware that Ayla’s blood had been spilled at all, which is the reason I believe she released the information so expediently after she found out. Did Trista give the police the same excuse for her blood being found as she did on the now defunct Justice For Ayla blog? Did she know they could tell if the blood was menstrual or other? Is she telling the truth?

It is very hard to use statement analysis on that particular blog post, as it was done third-party, and who knows if that person knows the truth or is simply buying into Trista’s lies. We have yet to see a mainstream media reporter ask Trista any questions about why her blood was in the basement, however.

“It will have blood, they say; blood will have blood.” – William Shakespeare

How much blood was there anyway? Obviously not enough for police to make any arrests just yet. If the blood that was found to be not visible to the naked eye was found using luminol, it is likely the sample would be too degraded for accurate testing. The same goes for a clean-up job, the cleaning solution would also deteriorate the evidence. It seems to me, the only blood that LE has been able to clearly identify is that of both Ayla and Trista Reynolds.

Was Trista in the basement of 29 Violette Avenue at 3:30 am Dec. 17, 2011? Was she there looking for Ayla? Did she get into a fight with someone, causing her to lose blood?

Finally, I am not sure what to make of the remark made by DiPietro lawyer, Stephen Bourget, about the DNA evidence not necessarily being blood. Just because McCausland claims to have had a “frank” discussion with the family, doesn’t mean he revealed all of his evidence, nor that he was completely truthful. At this stage of the game, he doesn’t have to be.

I have often wondered what might have been found in the river that could not only be visually identified as possibly belonging to Ayla but that would also need several months worth of testing, as well as something they would not want to show the mother. Sorry to be graphic, but what I come up with is bone or tissue.

I don’t understand why the DiPietro’s would allow their lawyer to make that statement at all, if there were something more damning than blood with DNA, wouldn’t that make his clients look even more guilty?


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