What if?

by Grace4Ayla on August 27, 2014

Let’s play a game of ‘What If.’ What if you are a young person (21 – 25 years old), and you find yourself in a very bad situation. A situation so dire, in fact, that you could  go to jail for a very long time, possibly even for life.

Let’s say you create a cover story, and for a while the police seem to believe you, or at the very least, they don’t have enough evidence to arrest you…yet. Then one day you suddenly have a new problem, and it’s a BIG one. You need help, but you can’t go to your parents, siblings, or even your close friends for fear of revealing your original secret. What do you do?

(I realize this post may seem a bit cryptic, but please bear with me, dear readers. All will be revealed in due time. Those that do understand should be able to discern my point exactly.)

Let’s say you had a family friend, a man who was practically like an uncle to you, and he happens to have a skill that would be very helpful to you in solving your problem. Perhaps this man also has two sides to his personality; his public persona is well-known and upstanding, while his hidden side can only be described as unethical and downright shady. He is skillful, however, and has never been caught, so you feel comfortable going to him with your new problem. He is unlikely to ask too many questions, or even be surprised at the request.

Now, what if this sneaky family friend assists you by putting you in touch with one of his colleagues, another man equally qualified for this kind of job. This colleague helps you out and everything seems fine. They help you implement a new plan to do as much damage control as possible. Then, eventually things change in your life and you no longer need his assistance, so you and the colleague part ways. La-dee-da.

But, what if this person was suddenly arrested? What if this person, whose reputation and character are clearly suspect due to the nature of the charges, was facing a long prison sentence as well? What if they had put two and two together and realized that the only ace in the hole they have left might be information regarding the original crime connected to you?

What do you think that person might do? What if the end is closer than we think?

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