What is LE waiting for?

by Grace4Ayla on March 16, 2013

In this post, I will examine the statements and behaviors of the Maine State Police in light of recent developments in the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds. What could their actions and inaction mean? If they have enough evidence to declare Ayla Reynolds likely deceased, why haven’t there been arrests? If the blood evidence found in Justin DiPietro’s bedroom can be proven to be Ayla’s, that should be enough to arrest him for murder. So why haven’t they?

Because they’re after something else…

In my opinion, Maine State Police have enough evidence to arrest Justin DiPietro for the murder of Ayla Reynolds. The fact that he hasn’t been arrested leads me to believe that police are collecting and analyzing more evidence for something else. What other conclusions could we come to?

In Casey Anthony’s case, investigators had a body, but no cause of death. In the case of Ayla Reynolds, they do not have a body or a cause of death, but they have enough blood evidence to conclude “foul play.” They could charge Justin DiPietro with any number of offenses, from Murder I to Negligent Homicide, and never have to worry about an outcome like that of Casey Anthony. Even if Justin tried to claim an accident now, it wouldn’t fly because of the blood, the life insurance policy and the conspiracy to cover up.

The Million Dollar Question

So if it isn’t Ayla’s body police are waiting for, what is it?

I believe they are waiting to collect enough evidence to prove conspiracy to commit first degree murder for profit, not only against Justin DiPietro, but his accomplices as well.

Police knew within the first two weeks of Ayla’s disappearance that foul play was afoot. As we all know, LE did not find any evidence of a break-in or kidnapping at the DiPietro house, but they did find a “troubling” amount of blood evidence and an all too convenient life insurance policy.

What else did police know in those first two weeks? We found out through Trista Reynolds’ early interviews that she and Justin had no relationship outside of co-parenting Ayla, which they had been able to do until just “recently.” Trista claimed that Justin was taking care of Ayla to help her out until she could get on her feet.

Justin’s own version of their relationship (as written on the TLLOM website by Angela Harry) was a bit different. In this version, Justin wasn’t even aware of Ayla’s existence until she was seven months old; she was the product of a “one night stand,” but it agreed with Trista’s description of no further relationship outside of co-parenting. I would assume that this is what they told MSP as well.

Trista’s relatives, however, who were on the defensive from the outset, told a different story. Justin was not a good co-parent; he brought the baby home injured, and had actually taken custody away from Trista by grabbing Ayla while Trista was in CPS-mandated rehab. At this point, police must have been wondering why both Trista and Justin lied to them.

Unconcerned, Justin went on the Today Show to counter the accusations, saying “As far as I know there were never any concerns about me having her.” This, coupled with the fact that Trista was allegedly given the ultimatum by CPS to “lose the booze or lose the kids” shows there were previous problems related to Trista, alcohol and the welfare of her children. This is further borne out by the fact that Trista Reynolds still has not filed a lawsuit against DHHS or Karen Small.

Looking at the Signs

What else has changed?

As the case developed, we learned that not only was there a previous relationship between Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro through her friendship with his brother, Lance, but also that the relationship of co-parenting included occasional sexual relations between the parents.

Did Justin and Trista speak of this affair to the police as well? I could understand if Justin didn’t, but what does it mean if Trista kept silent?

Why would Trista lie about her previous and continuing personal relationship with Justin DiPietro?

We know that on Jan. 28, 2012 investigators sat down with Trista Reynolds before the vigil to tell her about the discovery of Ayla’s blood in Justin’s bedroom. We were told this was because LE wanted to inform her before it was leaked in the media. I believe this is true, but I don’t believe they were ready to formally interview her about the blood at that time, their hand was forced by Bob Vear’s leak to reporters.

At this time Trista Reynolds not only found out about Ayla’s blood, she also found out about her own blood being present, as well as the existence of the life insurance policy against Ayla. It is my opinion that this is when the supposed affair was revealed – to explain away her blood. Interestingly, Trista chose to release only the presence and possible amount of Ayla’s blood and the life insurance policy through the www.aylareynolds.com website maintained by Jeff Hanson. She then waited several months to reveal on another blog that her own blood was also found.

More Lies and Inconsistencies

Trista Reynolds has claimed that in October of 2011 Justin DiPietro “conned” her into giving him Ayla’s Social Security number under false pretenses. I have debunked this claim repeatedly. If Justin wasn’t aware of Ayla’s existence until she was 7-months old, he found out in November 2010. That would have also been when he was ordered to begin paying current and back child support. Trista claims he stole the social security number in order to claim Ayla on his tax return, “but they wouldn’t let him.”

Since Ayla went missing in December 2011, the only tax return Trista could be talking about is the 2010 return. Justin could not have claimed Ayla on that return because he never had physical custody nor had he paid much, if any, child support. So obviously, either the social security number was stolen long before he obtained custody of her, or Trista is lying about the whole thing. It is highly unlikely that Justin would have tried to claim Ayla on his 2011 taxes with her still missing. Trista also could not have known about the IRS refusal, unless she was present with him when he tried to file; Trista claims to have only seen Justin at the balloon vigil, so there you go.

Here we have two critical elements that Trista Reynolds may have lied about to the police: her relationship with Justin DiPietro and how he obtained Ayla’s social security number for the life insurance policy. Combine that with the highly unusual and suspect involvement of the Tudela family with the DiPietros, and I think investigators were starting to see a much clearer picture.

What Happened Next?

In late April, police found evidence in the dam that they believe to be related to Ayla’s disappearance. These items were rushed to a lab for analysis. Subsequent items found in the river were deemed unrelated to Ayla, but MSP remains silent on the outcome of the dam evidence.

I believe that, at this point, investigators decided to play both ends against each other and see what would shake out. In the May 31, 2012 press conference MSP announced Ayla’s likely demise to smoke out Justin, and they used the expiration of the reward money to provoke Trista. There would be no other reason to revoke the reward, if they didn’t think this crime was financially motivated. Another telling sign is the fact that police didn’t update Ayla’s parents with the content of the press conference until just before, yet Trista already had news crews ready to record her reaction. Jeff Hanson also leaked an email minutes before the conference, which suggested arrests might occur. Nothing stated in the email was revealed in the press conference except for the conclusion that Ayla was deceased, and even that was incorrect, because Jeff left out the word “likely.” Why would police tell the parents they were certain, but tell the public differently?

Recent Events

In their most recent misguided and transparent attempts, Trista Reynolds and Jeff Hanson have tried to manipulate the public into thinking they have inside information from investigators. They have gone so far as to say police have “unequivocal” evidence, yet no arrests have been made. So what was the purpose of these recent leaks?

In my opinion, due to the nature of the evidence investigators shared with Trista, she and Jeff know that a kidnapping scenario will never fly with a jury. If DiPietro is arrested and tried, he will most likely be convicted. There is no way Jeff and Trista can spin her involvement in Ayla’s demise if Justin decides to come clean.

So the question is now, does Justin take the bullet for everyone and confess to accidentally killing Ayla and hiding her body, or does he take everyone down with him by telling the truth? I believe that if there were any way a kidnapping could be proven, Trista would be willing to take the rap and hope for leniency, but she and Jeff know there is just no way. Either Justin mans up, or he throws Courtney under the bus, and I don’t even think that is possible.

Either way, Maine State Police will win. They have all of their suspects behind the eight ball. They are just waiting for the right time to strike.

How long can Trista go on knowing her baby girl is lying out in the elements? How long can Courtney Roberts go on with this cloud of suspicion over her head? She can study all she wants, but no decent employer will hire her. How long can Derek Tudela go on putting his entire family at risk? This case has hurt their stellar reputations as well as their incomes, as they all run family businesses. How can he look them in the eye each night, knowing how he brought all this down on them? What a disappointment he must be.

How long can Maine State Police go on? As long as it takes. They have all the time in the world.

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