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by Grace4Ayla on February 15, 2013

The last few days have been a whirlwind of information regarding the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Let’s recap, shall we?

First, we witnessed Trista Reynolds create a very public uproar over an amateur age-progression photograph of Ayla. Next, Jeff Hanson gave us the strange and cryptic announcement covered in our last post. Shortly after that, we found out that the much talked-about “river items” are supposedly two twin-size blankets. And finally, the latest bombshell is the news that Justin DiPietro made a trip to Portland on the morning of Dec 17th, well before he called 911.

Endless Lies

Only days after his half-hearted blog resignation, Jeff Hanson is claiming now (on John P’s website) that police suspect Justin DiPietro was disposing of Ayla’s body during the alleged trip to Portland. When brought to his attention that police made absolutely no searches close to Portland, and most were made in the same waterways where the blankets were found, Jeff then back-tracked, and said it was one possible scenario that police had. Are the other scenarios top secret?

I find it interesting that the first announcement Jeff made on the Ayla Reynolds website was so vague, and yet after he announces he no longer owns the United 4 Ayla blog he is suddenly free to disclose whatever information he wants? I wonder where he got that idea?

Answers4Ayla says:
February 11, 2013 at 11:00 pm

… [I’m beginning to think that what MSP has shown Justin (and lawyer) are not the same things they have revealed to Trista.. This is not a court case.. yet. MSP is not under any disclosure laws They can tell or show us whatever they want.. if only to gauge our reactions].

Here we see Jeff not so subtly covering his ass; if he is proven wrong, he can always say, “Well, hey, maybe LE lied to Trista, or maybe Trista lied to me, but it’s not my blog anymore!”

Apparently Maine cops are used to ‘Mainah’ criminals lying to them. However, I just can’t imagine that if both Justin DiPierto and Courtney Roberts had lied to police and made official statements saying they were home all night and didn’t hear a thing, and something proved otherwise, that they wouldn’t at least be arrested for lying to police and obstructing justice. This happens a lot in criminal cases.

Yet, if Jeff lies on U4A… Well, like Jeff said…this isn’t a court case yet.

Familiar Lies

This case is starting to feel a lot like the Casey Anthony case. Yes, I know, Casey eventually was acquitted for the murder of her daughter, but I remember a lot of damage was done to her defense case by involving an innocent bystander known famously as ‘Zanny the Nanny.’ This nanny was nothing more than a fabrication, but the name Casey used was, unfortunately for her, very much real. Tons of damaging testimony came out about Casey during the civil lawsuit filed by the real Zanny, and I bet the whole Anthony family wishes they had never heard that name.

Why are Jeff and Trista lying at this particular point in time, you might ask? (Besides the fact that they lie all the time, of course.)

In my estimation, the point to leaking this bit of false information is to spur Justin into making an admission. Trista expected to hear from Justin that Ayla had fallen victim to a terrible tragedy; she would collect half the insurance money and go away. Instead, Justin called her to tell her that Ayla was dead and there was no way he could call it an accident, so they came up with the hare-brained kidnapping scheme to cover their tracks. The original plan was to hide Ayla’s remains until the right time.

Trista’s family, not knowing about their little deal, turned the tables on Justin immediately, causing Justin to withdraw from Trista. Trista used the media to reach out to him and get the conversation going again, the plan was on, and things were right with the world…for a little while, at least. Blogs were created, stories were born, and lies were spread.

Trista started hearing ugly rumors about how Ayla was treated in the days leading up to her death. She was starting to think that Justin was lying to her about what happened to Ayla, and she began putting the pressure back on.

This latest windstorm is merely more of that. Trista is getting desperate. Pretty soon, she may not care what happens to her at all. She may get so mad she spills everything to the police. If she hasn’t already.

AS Jeff has repeatedly told us – it’s not about Justice for Ayla anymore. They’ve seen the handwriting on the wall. Now it’s about the justice of bringing Ayla home (Translation: Justice for Trista). And if a few heads have to roll in the meantime (Derek and Justin), well so be it. Justice is beginning to feel a bit like revenge, isn’t it?

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