What Really Happened to Ayla Bell Reynolds

by Grace4Ayla on June 21, 2012

This is my theory of what really happened to Ayla Bell Reynolds.

Ayla was born into a dysfunctional family full of drug addicts, alcoholics, and criminals. I am not sure of all of the ties, but there have been rumors that Trista was friends with Lance, and that may be how she met Justin. Jeff Hanson is married to Becca Reynolds. Rumor has it that Jeff and Becca were not living together in December of 2011, and that Jeff had little to do with Trista or Ayla during her short life.

Whether Trista truly wanted Ayla has not been proven to my satisfaction. Justin made it plain from the get-go. According to Trista, he told her, “If it’s mine, abort it.” Instead, she put two men through the humiliating process of being summoned by DHHS for a paternity test.

Trista lived in Lewiston, ME with her sister Jessica, who has reportedly lost custody of children to DHHS. Becca Hanson reported early in the case that “DHHS” doesn’t like her family. This tells us that CPS has probably been called repeatedly on suspicion of child abuse. Abusers don’t like it when you butt into their business. They often react defensively and claim bias. We are seeing this even now with Phoebe and Elisha’s digs at the police investigating Ayla’s disappearance.

Justin claims he wasn’t aware of Ayla until she was seven months old. This matches the time Trista would have been dating Ray Fortier. He was sentenced in September 2010, just in time to father little Ray. Justin learned that he was a father in November 2010. Now Trista is claiming that he tried to claim Ayla on his taxes in 2010, but she refused because Ayla lived with her. If that is true, why would he think he could claim Ayla? He hadn’t had time to pay any child support; he had barely found out she was his!

Furthermore, the Reynolds clan claim Justin didn’t start visiting with Ayla until August 2011. During these visits it is alleged that Ayla returned home twice out of five visits injured, and this was reported to CPS. Yet Trista claims that she renewed her affair with Justin in May 2011. She claims the last time she slept with him was October 12, 2011 – the night before she went to rehab – yet the timeline she put out with Jeff states that she didn’t receive the ultimatum by DHHS until the next day. When did she have time to agree to giving Justin custody of Ayla? Why would she agree, if Ayla had been returning home from Justin’s care injured? If she had time to contact Justin and make arrangements for Ayla, why couldn’t she have let Jessica know as well? If Jessica didn’t know, why would she buy Ayla pajamas for the visit? How did Justin know where Ayla would be? If Jessica didn’t want Justin to have Ayla, why didn’t she run then?

Next up is the “family team meeting”. As a veteran of these meetings, something smells fishy about this one. First of all, the Reynolds (and by omission, the DiPietros) would have us believe that after Justin illegally snatched Ayla from the DHHS-approved custody of Jessica Reynolds – who, incidentally, brought along her own lawyer – and after repeated reports of suspected abuse by Justin, that DHHS allowed Justin (who didn’t even have to attend the meeting? Even though Trista could get out of rehab to do so?), to keep Ayla for two more days under the threat of “dire consequences” if he failed to return her? This decision was made by two doctors and two CPS workers? What were the doctors there for? Were these the same doctors who treated Ayla’s hurt leg? Why would the Reynolds reveal the attendance of the doctors but not their testimony? They sure released Ayla’s broken bone records! And what about the CPS workers? Was returning Ayla to Jessica worse than leaving her with Justin DiPietro, who the Reynolds would have us believe (after the testimony of two doctors and one lawyer) that Justin still had enough pull with DHHS to keep custody of Ayla? This sounds like the same CPS workers who allowed Josh Powell visitation with his sons!

I have attended many team meetings. I have heard many “threats”, or consequences, as CPS prefers to call them. These are usually supervised visitation, counseling, or removal of the child if the situation warrants it. I have yet to hear the words “dire consequences” used to describe the consequences for failure to return the child to the other parents custody. This type of action usually results in CPS calling the police and pressing charges. If CPS thought Justin was enough of a risk to threaten “dire” consequences, they had no business leaving Ayla with him.

I believe that when Trista went to rehab, Jessica and Becca started calling Justin. He finally shows up five days later, and Jessica has changed her mind. Justin got the police. Jessica, mad about the abuse, got her own lawyer and demanded a team meeting. At the meeting, two doctors and two CPS workers testified. Justin was so unconcerned that he only attended by phone. He knew Trista had given him permission, and he knew he was Ayla’s father. My guess is the doctors were there to testify as to Trista’s mental health issues, and perhaps Jessica’s as well. I believe that since no calls were ever made regarding abuse by Justin, the issue at hand was whether she was safe to go back to Jessica’s. Even with her own lawyer, Jessica lost.

Did Jessica truly care about Ayla? I certainly hope so.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, things aren’t so going so well. Justin had to move back home and Courtney wasn’t happy. Trista was out of rehab, but she had made no move to come and get Ayla. Justin was leaving Ayla with anyone he could find. Rumors are that Ayla was attending Heidi’s daycare and had spent a week with Connie DiSantos. Justin was still responsible for Ayla’s back child support – and, if other rumors are correct, another child as well.

One night, Justin lost his temper and broke Ayla’s arm. He saw how easy it was to explain it off to the doctor, and after recently witnessing how easily CPS was fooled, I believe a plan began to hatch. Justin, Trista, and Jeff met with Derek on December 16, 2011 to purchase a life insurance policy on Ayla Bell Reynolds. They asked to back date it to October 20, 2011 to make it appear as if Justin was just being a responsible father.

Later that evening, an “accident” happened. Only it truly was an accident, because either Ayla didn’t die, or it didn’t look like an accident. Either way, cashing in on the life insurance policy was not going to happen.

Time for plan B.

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