Who REALLY killed Ayla Reynolds?

by Grace4Ayla on February 19, 2013

Occupy the EPA PhotoIn my unwavering search for Truth and Justice for Ayla, I have used every resource I could think of to find the answer to the mystery of the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds. Using tools such as statement analysis and astrology, and, at times, risking the safety of my family and financial resources, I have journeyed into the proverbial depths of hell to reach the truth.

Ayla is not just any missing child, she is EVERY missing child. I fight the fight for justice for Ayla and in doing so fight for the abused, neglected, and murdered children of the world. You may think writing this blog is only a small thing, no big deal. To that I will simply say that we all have our parts to play in this cosmic drama, and as the great Mr. Hugo reminds us…

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is come.”

What REALLY happened to Ayla?

I believe that Courtney Roberts and Justin DiPietro came up with the plan to murder Ayla for the life insurance policy, involving and possibly duping both Trista Reynolds and Derek Tudela, along with others. But Fate was not their friend and they ruined their “little pot of gold,” thus forcing them to cover up with the kidnapping hoax.

Trista’s family didn’t react quite the way Courtney and Justin expected them to, so they enlisted Jeff Hanson to “help” Trista through her time of trouble. He coordinated all the blogs and the dis-information that has followed. Didn’t Trista wonder where in the hell he was beforehand, when she could have really used the help? He has either been in on it from the beginning, or he figured out which way the wind was blowing, and switched sides.

Now he is helping her right to jail.

The Big Announcement

What could Jeff’s big announcement possibly be? Could it be that Trista Reynolds is the real murderer of Ayla Bell Reynolds?

He might say it, but we know that’s not true. We’ve already established over and over again that Jeff Hanson is a liar. The question is, what made Jeff switch sides, or decide to betray Trista at this time? Did he owe Justin a favor?

My theory holds that LE told Justin DiPietro and his family that although they did not have unequivocal evidence, they believed Ayla was dead, and they were going to pursue some kind of lesser charges. Justin’s previous attempts to get immunity failed. He needed to make the most of this opportunity. He needed to get rid of Trista and this case once and for all. Justin thought fast and had Courtney make a deal with LE. She gave testimony (unequivocal evidence) implicating Trista in Ayla’s death. (This may have happened even before the family meeting, which is why Courtney didn’t need to attend, and the DiPietros were suddenly so “forthcoming.”) Justin and Courtney then broke up.

Justin & Co. are going to say Trista showed up that night to kidnap Ayla and a terrible tragedy happened: there was a fight and Trista hurt the baby. She took Ayla with her, and Justin and Derek followed, mistakenly headed to Portland. Trista then dumped the body and the blankets in the river.

The Truth Exposed

I believe there was an accident in Waterville on Thursday night (December 15th) while Justin was either at a poker party, or hosting one. Justin got home late from Portland with Derek and possibly another person. Where was Courtney Roberts on Thursday evening and Friday morning? Cell pings should show.

Something happened next, that sadly ended with Ayla hurt and bleeding on the floor. In light of the situation, the only thing they could think of to do was kill her and dispose of the body where it will never be found. After murdering Ayla, Justin and Courtney disposed of her body, and arranged the story for the next night. If Courtney was there Friday morning, that may have been the trip Derek took – to take Courtney home and establish an alibi for Justin. Courtney and Derek may have had Justin’s cell phone with them. Justin stayed behind to clean the crime scene. They tried to keep the truth of the real cause of death from Trista, to keep her quiet, but the leaked blood evidence thwarted them.

Whether it was for the life insurance policy, by neglect, abuse or destiny, Justin DiPietro and Courtney Roberts killed Ayla Reynolds. How will this bizarre and tragic story end? With Justin DiPietro throwing Trista under the bus? (and perhaps in a river as well?)

Or, has Trista agreed to take the rap by claiming temporary insanity, hoping her pregnancy and background will get her off on a lesser charge? In that scenario, everyone could be free from the charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory after the fact, etc. that they would face if the truth came out. Better hope she’s a better liar to the courts than she is to the media.

I hope Trista is still in contact with her lawyer.

I hope she doesn’t turn up missing.

I hope the police don’t fall for this horseshit.

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wilfred m snell June 3, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Ayla mum and dad arrange the death of the lovely Ayla,i have cried everyday for Ayla.Her dad is a murding drug crazed nutter,who lost his temper and smashed poor little ayla all around the house,and when hed had his fun he drove as far as possible and dumped the lovely Ayla in some remote piece of groundwhere no one would find her battered poor little body.


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